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Out of the Box Value

The bestPrice widget will allow you to present bettors with quantitative evidence of how much value they'll realize by signing up for additional sportsbook accounts. 

Goal Alignment

Your Goals

Show bettors the value of opening multiple sportsbook accounts.

Bettor Goals

See the potential of odds + line shopping.


  • API

    bestPrice information will be included on the bet and bettor level.  Use the API to present within your own UI.

  • Widget

    The widget will present a pre-built, whitelabled UI.

  • ROI

    Fees are based on the revenue derived from CPA fees, so there will be positive ROI out of the box.

Return on Investment
bestPrice fees will be based on the revenue
generated from the product itself.
  • Affiliate Link CPA’s

    SharpSports is a licensed affiliate and will mint subaffiliate links for any eligible customers.

  • Revenue Share

    We'll determine a revenue share so positive ROI is guaranteed and there are no up front costs.

  • SaaS Fees

    If you'd prefer to monetize the data without the help of SharpSports, you can use the raw data and pay an up front fee instead.

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