Chalkboard Launches Betsync with the Sharpsports API

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
October 26, 2021
Chalkboard Launches Betsync with the Sharpsports API

Who is Chalkboard?

Chalkboard is a one stop shop for the social betting experience.  

“The idea for an integrated sports messaging solution spawned from our frustration with the constant app toggling between our iMessage betting group chat and our live scores applications (ESPN/Bleacher Report).”

What were they looking for?

Chalkboard wanted to stand out from their competitors by making bet tracking / sharing a seamless and transparent experience.

Manual bet tracking and sharing has been a bettor pain point for years, and Chalkboard knew if they were able to remove that friction, they would entice bettors to join their network and spur organic growth.

“We’ve always known that Chalkboard’s social experience had to be powered by an Automatic Bet-Tracking solution in order to compete. SharpSports’ Bet-Syncing API has helped us solve our users’ bet-tracking pain for good, and allowed us to get back to building social features our bettors love. “ - Ted Mauze, Founder

How did they utilize SharpSports?

Rather than spending valuable time (years) and resources (a full dev team) to build the integrations, they utilized SharpSports API, which connects to the 10 most popular SportsBooks in the US.  They built and marketed a booksync tool on top of SharpSports and launched in well ahead of Football season.

By The Numbers

How was it Received?

They got a lot of great feedback on social media from avid bettors: 

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