What is SharpSports?

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
April 1, 2020
What is SharpSports?

What is SharpSports?

SharpSports is a company obsessed with empowering Sports Bettors.

We have been avid wagerers for over a decade, graduating from friendly bets for high stakes (milano sandwiches), to system based betting on offshore books, to running a model based fund on legal books in New Jersey.

Along the way, we’ve built our own tools to get the right data, find the best lines, track our bets and share the results.  As the legal betting market has matured, sportsbooks have become more sophisticated, and we want to help sports bettors compete.

It’s our goal to build the infrastructure that content providers, app developers and sophisticated bettors rely on in pursuit of entertainment and value through sports betting.

Today, we’re launching our first product - BetLink:

Click the button below to see a preview.  It is simply generated with the code snippet below.

Any linked account can then be accessed through the SharpSports API.  A simple GET request, will give a JSON feed of all the live and historical bets of a particular bettor or specific sportsbook account.

We envision dozens of useful betting products being built from this technology, and we plan to build a suite of tools that will aid in that pursuit.

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